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Formation in robotics, interior logistics and machinery handling

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We offer a huge range of courses related with the industrial sector. Our courses are focused on the wide knowledge acquired after 40 years of experience while solving the logistics demands of our clients.

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On-site courses



We formate new professionals in the mechanic field, getting the necessary skills in this sector.


We improve the efficiency and profitability of your processes.


We automate your facility, whatever your technical requirements are.


We optimize your logistics after studying your needs and analyzing your processes.

Machinery handling

Our experience allows us to reach a forefront position reagarding the machinery handling.


We are specialists on security in industrial environments.


Warehouse auxiliary activities
250 Hours - On-site - 30 places
Organization and warehouse management
430 Hours - on-site - 15 places
Industrial vehicles mechanics
120 Hours - On-site - 12 places
Lean methodology introduction
40 Hours - On-site - 25 places
CPU programation
10 Hours - On-site - 14 places
Introduction to automation and robotics
15 Hours - On-side - 16 places

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Huge range of formation possibilities for every type of machinery.

The main questions at the moment of changing an organization use to be: How to do it? Where should I start? Who will help us?

Academia Industrial  is your best partner.

Now, these experts who were able to transform the Toyota Material Handling-Orbel, and inspire the world, make it possible to reach their knowledge and the needed experience so that you can act like them.

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Find out the reason why we are the most important formation centre in Castellón, Valencia, Alicante and Gipuzkoa.

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